Color Box 2 Who Am I? Cards — Free Printable!

One of our favorite activities in our Montessori homeschool preschool is playing Who Am I?  When Lila is upstairs with us, the girls will play it together — Lila will read the clue card, then Nora will find the answer on the picture cards!  Now that it’s just Nora and me up there most days, I take on Lila’s role since Nora is not quite reading yet.

I put together these color Who Am I? cards because I couldn’t find anything out there that was already made, and I’m sharing them with you at the bottom of this post!

I decided to use the colors of Montessori color box 2 for this printable — that means there are cards for red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, white, grey, brown and pink!  For each color, there is a card showing the traditional Montessori color tablet (available with wood grain caps AND with white caps in the printable), a clue card that describes that card, as well as a label card for reading children.  The label cards are also available written in the color of the word (i.e. “red’ is written in red letters) if you prefer an extra control of error.

I also included some color cards with all of the objects named on the clue cards for an additional extension of the work.

The Color Box 2 Who Am I? Cards are available as a free printable for my email subscribers only!  To gain access to this and all of my other subscriber-only freebies, get on my email list HERE and I’ll send the link and password right over!

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2 thoughts on “Color Box 2 Who Am I? Cards — Free Printable!

  1. Thanks, Angela, for your gift. It comes as I’m just starting to work with blending the primary colors with my little one, guiding her to remember about primary colors’ ability to make any other color desired. This gift carries this a few steps further along, and I thank you for your help in doing so. Lynne

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