You’re Invited!

  I’d love to have you all over to my home for a HUGE party, but that would require for me to actually clean my house and for you to travel great distances to get here — so let’s do this on Facebook!  On Tuesday,  October 3rd, my friend and Usborne consultant Melissa will be […]

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15 Books for Teaching Diversity

To read about what inspired this series on World Peace, check out World Peace Shelf. To read other posts in this series, check out Multicultural Nesting Dolls, International Children Magnets with World Map, “Peace” & Peacekeeper Cards, Trades of Hope, & World Bank. L can’t read yet, but she LOVES looking at books and having me read to her.  When it […]

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Books for New Parents

One of my dearest friends recently asked me, “What are some books or materials that you would recommend for new parents?”  I immediately thought, “What a great idea for a blog post!”  So here we are. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, we already knew that we wanted to raise our children in […]

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