Sustainable Self-Care Practices for Moms

“Self-care” is the new hot topic in motherhood it seems.  Everyone knows they need some, but nobody knows how to make it a regular part of daily life — especially when there are little ones running around whose needs seem so much bigger than your own.  I certainly am no expert in self-care, but I […]

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Montessori-Inspired Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundle

Have you ever seen a learning material that made you almost swoon?  That pretty much describes my feelings about Little Spark Company’s Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundle — we chose the cursive version because that’s what Lila is super interested in right now, but it is also available in print.  This writing bundle combines fall, […]

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Montessori-Inspired Language Printables in Cursive

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may have noticed that Lila has been interested in learning cursive lately.  We began our letter learning with print letters — AMI-trained teachers usually begin with cursive letters, but I am AMS-trained and we teach print first because those are the letters seen most often in books/on […]

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