Parts of the Body — Mr. Potato Head

Every adult remembers special toys from their childhood and longs for their own child to love it as much as they did.  One classic toy that incorporates many Montessori principles is Mr. Potato Head!  My mom got one for L, and she absolutely loves it.  It is similar to an in and out work, as […]

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Intro to Language — Talking to Infants

How can you be Montessori with young infants?  They can’t complete works or play safely with small objects.  They can’t bring works to a table or roll up a work rug.  They are not ready to develop independence or self-care skills.  What can you do with a newborn? Luckily, Montessori is more than just an […]

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Toddler Self-Care — Shoes and Jacket

L is very much into doing things all by herself — as many toddlers are.  Trying to do things for her often results in a struggle, especially when it’s time to leave the house.  Toddlers are striving for independence, and it’s important to set them up for success whenever possible so they can reach that […]

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