Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers– Paperclips

Can I rave about the Target bargain bins for a minute?  This is not a sponsored post — it’s just a PSA to let you know that you can find good quality, inexpensive materials for Montessori-inspired works there. As soon as I saw these over-sized paperclips, the wheels in my brain started turning.  I knew L […]

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Process Art for Toddlers — Painting with Kitchen Utensils

What is process art?  Exactly what it sounds like — it’s all about the PROCESS of making the art, rather than the final product.  This is perfect for toddlers, since it allows them to experience the sensorial element of art without the expectation of creating something recognizable. We’ve been experimenting with painting using instruments other […]

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How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

One of the perks to being a Montessori mom is that I’m not constantly cleaning up after my children.  But this isn’t just a Montessori thing — all children go through a sensitive period for order from birth to age 5.  This means that they are naturally inclined to work towards and crave order in their lives […]

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