Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers– Paperclips

Can I rave about the Target bargain bins for a minute?  This is not a sponsored post — it’s just a PSA to let you know that you can find good quality, inexpensive materials for Montessori-inspired works there.

As soon as I saw these over-sized paperclips, the wheels in my brain started turning.  I knew L would LOVE them.  When I got home, I put all of the paperclips in a small bowl beside the piece of thin cardboard that was in the packaging with them — that’s it!


I showed L how to put each paperclip on the cardboard — instant hit.  [Baby hand photobomb…]  This simple activity allows L to practice her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while the repetition of the work builds her focus and concentration.  She does this work over and over again, and she has now mastered it.  That means it’s time to replace the over-sized paperclips with smaller ones!


5 thoughts on “Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers– Paperclips

  1. Great Activity. I’ve tried plastic clothes pins to be clipped on a circular foam shaped which was somewhat difficult at first but the children are now doing it with ease. Continue to be a Blessing because you’re, Mtetar

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