The Value of Pretend Play — a Montessorian’s Perspective

As a blogger/social media presence, I occasionally get nasty comments directed toward me and my way of doing Montessori.  One thing that we do in our Montessori family that others have attacked me for is allowing pretend play.  Apparently there are many people out there who believe that if we were truly Montessori enough, we […]

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How to Teach Music Notation the Montessori Way

The Montessori method of education teaches reading and writing by isolating each sound/symbol and allowing the child to manipulate them herself through the movable alphabet.  So why would we teach music any differently?  I don’t have a music degree, but I do know how to read music and play the piano —  so when I […]

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Teaching Consonant Blends with the Montessori Blue Series

Last month I shared how we began reading with the Montessori Pink Series, so here’s the next step in our Montessori reading and writing journey:  the Montessori Blue Series! While the Pink Series focuses on 3 letter consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words with a short vowel, the Blue Series begins to introduce consonant blends while retaining that […]

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