Personal Consultations & Parent Workshops/Webinars


I also have personalized Montessori parenting and homeschooling consultation options available for parents with children from ages 0-6 years. Clients will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete prior to session.  These consultations are now offered as part of my monthly small group coaching program in the VIP tier.

40 minute video conference call during which the following topics may be discussed as needed:

  • parents give a brief tour of their home or the areas with which they need guidance
  • parents and consultant discuss personalized learning activities based on the child’s interests
  • parents and consultant discuss the individual child’s behavioral issues and how to discipline the Montessori way
  • or any combination of the above.

I am now offering two different workshops/webinars for parents!  These presentations can also be booked at a flat rate by schools as either an in-person workshop or an online webinar for the families that attend your school.  Contact me if you would like more information:  Angela @ momtessorilife . com


Have you noticed that there are key parts of your home that are inaccessible to your little ones? Find yourself constantly getting up to get someone a drink or make a snack? Constantly engaging in power struggles with young children who just want to do it “BY MYSELF!!!”? Well guess what? That can change. You can improve all of those situations through your prepared environment at home.

This webinar focuses on practical ways to utilize basic Montessori principles when preparing your home environment. Take a journey through the possibilities for the set-up of each room of your home as a way to reduce power struggles and allow your young children to be more independent in daily self-care tasks. Learn how to design your home living spaces to not only accommodate, but to ENHANCE the developmental growth of your child.

If you are the parent (or soon-to-be parent!) of children ages 6 months to 6 years, this webinar is for you! No prior knowledge or experience with Montessori is required.

Have you noticed that your child doesn’t respond to you the way you would like? Find yourself yelling and making threats to get your child to behave? Constantly playing referee to sibling arguments? Wishing you knew how to respond in a more peaceful way? Well, guess what? You can improve all of those situations with an understanding of the role of the adult in the parent-child relationship.

This webinar focuses on the adult-child interaction as described by Maria Montessori and ways to apply that to your day-to-day parenting of small children. Explore the parent’s role as follower of the child, protector of concentration, practicer of intentional communication, provider of boundaries, and a place of loving security. Learn how to change your perspective, adjust your way of speaking, navigate sibling squabbles, and fulfill your role in providing boundaries through the prepared environment, positive redirection, and natural consequences to be the ultimate safe place for a little one growing into whoever she will become.




If you are the parent (or soon-to-be parent!) of children ages 1 to 6 years, this webinar is for you! No prior knowledge or experience with Montessori is required.

Photo courtesy of the Greater Pittsburgh Montessori Society.

WHY work with me for your Montessori Parenting needs?  Here’s a bit of my professional background:


+Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University, 2009

+0-3 American Montessori Society Certification from Princeton Center for Teacher Education, 2012

Montessori Experience:

+Montessori Toddler Teacher, Raritan Valley Montessori School, 2009-2012

+Montessori Toddler Teacher, Glen Montessori School, 2012-2014

+Montessori Infant Teacher, Glen Montessori School, 2014-2015

+Montessori Parenting Blogger and Consultant,, 2015-present


“Our son just turned 3 and he’s so advanced with learning and is so keen to learn more every day.  My hubby is a certified Montessori teacher and I worked at a Montessori campus in Germany for many years.  We always knew we’d like to integrate it into our lives but weren’t always sure how.  He’s learning and getting through these activities faster than I can keep up with him!  It’s amazing.  Thank you!” ~ Sarah B.

“I met you at the [Bringing Montessori Into the Home] workshop (I had the two boys, ages 1 and 3…) – I’ve enjoyed implementing your ideas at home.  The prepared environment has done wonders for our household!” ~ Jocelyn F.

“Thank you Angela for your inspiration on a DAILY basis!  Seeing all the activities you do with your girls shows me I can do it! You really inspired me to kick off our homeschool reboot in a BIG way in December.  I’m really looking forward to it!” ~ Melissa P.













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