Fun for Kids in Pittsburgh: Children’s Programs at Phipps Conservatory

We moved to Pittsburgh almost one year ago now, and we’ve been busily exploring all that the city has to offer for children.  One of the first places we visited was Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens as we were wrapping up our botany study in homeschool preschool — and we loved it so much that […]

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Montessori Dinosaur Study: Extinction

After taking a close look at dinosaur fossils and the clues they left us, then examining dinosaurs by type and age, we closed out our dinosaur study with a look at some of the theories about extinction and a review of our other units. We got most of our information about extinction from our dinosaur […]

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Montessori Grace & Courtesy: The Waiting Hand

Friends, I have a little Montessori grace and courtesy trick that is going to CHANGE. YOUR. LIVES. Grace and courtesy is an actual part of the Montessori curriculum — basically, it teaches manners and social skills.  In a classroom, it’s usually taught via role playing in front of the whole class or a small group. […]

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