Montessori-Inspired Art: Bleeding Tissue Paper

We are getting fancy with our art trays this year!  This is actually something I learned about from one of our Kids Night In boxes, and I knew it would make the perfect work for our art shelves. I cut up some bleeding tissue paper (this will NOT work with regular tissue paper) and put […]

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Our Montessori Homeschool Preschool Room

Our Montessori Homeschool Preschool room is finally finished!  Actually, that’s not a true.  A good Montessori environment is never truly finished, because it should always be changing to follow the needs of the children it serves.  BUT, the bones of the room are finished and exactly what my 4.5-year-old and almost 3-year-old need right now. […]

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20+ Montessori-Friendly Outdoor Activities for Summertime

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.” ~ Maria Montessori Our family does Montessori homeschool preschool year-round, without really taking a break for summertime.  However, when the weather is nice, we like to bring the classroom outside!  Here are over 20 Montessori-friendly activities for keeping cool and interacting with nature in […]

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