Summer Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Ice Cube Play


I don’t know where you live, but over here it is HOT HOT HOT!  Our house is very old and does not have central air, so we’re making do with window air conditioners and ice cubes over here.

We all go a little stir crazy if we don’t get outside in the afternoon, so although it’s insanely hot, we try to go out as long as it isn’t storming.  I had a big bag of ice left over from a BBQ a couple weeks ago, and I knew it would make for some fun ice play out in the heat.  I grabbed our trusty storage bin that we always use for sensory play instead of actually storing things and dumped the remainder of the ice in it — that was about 18lbs, but you can use as much as you have.  Then I added some water — about 2 or 3 inches.

I looked through random kitchen drawers and came up with some assorted slotted spoons and colanders so the water would slip through but the ice cubes would not.  I also threw in some popsicle molds that I never put away after we used them to make popsicles 3 weeks ago and a few plastic cups for pouring.

You will never guess how long this ice cube sensory bin lasted for us.

They scooped.

They poured.  They ate some ice cubes.

They took a short break for dinner.

Then they scooped and poured some more.  Believe it or not, L’s favorite part was “making popsicles.”

2 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES LATER [that time already has the dinner break subtracted out!], once the ice had melted, they got their watering cans and used the rest of the water to water the garden.


P.S. They also slept like rocks that night!

This activity was actually done LAST week.  If you want to keep up with us on a more day-to-day schedule, check us out on Instagram.








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  1. That’s really fun. Seattle might get in the 100s this week and we don’t have central A.C. either. They spent hours on a water and dish soap bin last week but I may try the ice one this week.

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