Our Montessori Homeschool Circle Time Routine

I get a lot of questions over on Instagram about how we do our Circle Time each morning, so I finally took some videos and photos to share a sample Circle Time in our Montessori homeschool preschool! Circle Time is the way we begin our homeschool mornings because it gets us all together at the […]

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Montessori Continent Studies: Antarctica — Our Favorite Activities

Ok, so we have studied the continents all together, North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, and now Antarctica!   For each continent, we have a Montessori continent box full of small cultural objects, money, photos, and pamphlets from the continent.  When we were beginning this unit, I asked my Instagram followers from all over […]

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Teaching Mindfulness & Calming Strategies for Conquering Big Feelings in Little Ones

If you have ever been around young children, you know that they can have some BIG feelings for such little people!  Understanding how to handle those feelings is not something that comes naturally — but it CAN be taught.  I am teaming up with Generation Mindful this week to share some amazing ways to teach […]

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