DIY Hillside Slide Step-by-Step Instructions

Our backyard is mainly composed of one large hill, so I knew we’d have to get creative with any playground equipment we wanted to put up for the girls. We’ve had a sliding board for years that we’ve wanted to install somewhere, and when we moved to this house with this particular backyard, I knew […]

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Raising Caterpillars to Butterflies — Free Printable Observation Journal!

We have raised caterpillars to butterflies for at least 3 springs now, and it never gets old! We began way back when the girls were toddlers as we did our first butterfly unit. We ordered a butterfly kit our first time, then kept the butterfly house so each year we only have to order live […]

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A Second Plane Child’s Montessori Bedroom

I’ve shared a couple different versions of my girls’ bedrooms in the first plane of development (0-6 years), but I haven’t yet shared how it’s changed now that Lila is in the second plane of development (6-12 years). First, here’s a look back in time: My girls shared a bedroom for several years — at […]

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