Singular, Plural, and Possessive Nouns — Free Printable!

A couple weeks ago, I watched my 6-year-old sort all of her coins and then label a different bag for each. She wrote,





— the possessive form, not the plural. So I pulled out my language album and prepared a formal lesson on different plural forms of words. The next week, we tackled possessives. When we had finished both, I wanted to have a way to review singular, plural, and possessive all together — so I created these clip cards!

*Note: This is NOT a “beginning reader” material. These clip cards are intended to be used by advanced readers and only AFTER they have had lessons on singular vs. plural, singular possessive nouns, and plural possessive nouns.

I came up with 10 nouns, then wrote 4 sentences for each: one for the singular form of the noun, one for the plural form, one for the singular possessive form, and one for the plural possessive form. [All of the plural forms are the simplest plural form — the word stays the same, just add “s.”] The printable clip cards thus include 40 cards using those 10 nouns to practice using singular, plural, and possessive forms in a sentence. If you like, you can mark a control of error on the back so your child can do these independently.

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