Promoting Diapering Independence on a Budget — with Huggies Little Movers 2 Month’s Supply

N is now fully stable on her own two feet, so we have begun diapering the Montessori way — standing up!  We keep her diapers in a cupboard that is low to the ground so she can open it up and get one out when it is time for a change.  I invite N to […]

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Pre-Writing Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Bean Name Gluing

There are many things you can do to refine your child’s pencil grip and hand-eye coordination BEFORE giving her a pencil and paper to begin writing.  This fun activity is a favorite pre-writing exercise that helps build on those skills long before your child can read and write. I wrote L’s name on some pieces of […]

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Christmas Activities for Toddlers — Pine Cone Size Ordering

I don’t know about you guys, but my Christmas decorations are not surviving a house with two toddlers.  Last week, L and N completely dismantled my last remaining Christmas centerpiece on the coffee table, so I threw in the towel and remade it into a Montessori-inspired work.  While they were busy playing with all of […]

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