Art for Toddlers — Watercolor Painting

It’s important to have art materials readily available for your child — something that I have always struggled with because I HATE MESS!!!  However, if you simply accept the fact that mess is going to happen and teach your child to clean it up by herself, it’s a lot less stressful! L loves to paint, […]

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Fall Crafts for Kids — Leaf Suncatchers

I’m not a huge fan of doing pre-planned “crafts” with kids — they usually include a ton of prep work, and then most of the actual crafting ends up being done by the adult because it’s too difficult for chubby toddler fingers.  But this is one craft that we have done over and over again […]

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Color Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers and Preschoolers

L’s current obsession is matching colors.  She is constantly showing me all of the things her food matches or telling me that different objects match my clothes.  I decided to follow the child to create the ultimate color matching work for her — a Color Scavenger Hunt. This is a temporary work that I set up on our […]

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