Language Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers — Opposites Cards [With Free Printable!]

L has mastered all of the beginning language matching activities [Nomenclature Basket, Object Matching, Object to Picture Matching, and Picture Matching], so it is time to move on to more abstract activities.  I searched all over the internet for printable opposites cards, but I couldn’t find any that I loved.  So I made my own! The problem I […]

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Art for Toddlers — Scissor Cutting

Remember how I was hesitant to offer L a glue stick?  Well, then I gave her SCISSORS!  I know, crazy mama over here.  But if you teach your child the right way to use things, they won’t experiment and cut off all their hair [hopefully]. To set up this work, I put a pair of […]

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