Montessori Grace & Courtesy Printable Extensions

Grace & Courtesy is part of the Montessori practical life curriculum, and it includes things like self-care skills, social skills, and how to express yourself in a group or with peers — things that people out in the regular world might call “manners.” These lessons are usually taught through small group lessons or with role playing, and I have created some printable materials that can be used in the Montessori classroom or homeschool environment! Here’s everything that’s part of my new Montessori Grace & Courtesy Mini Bundle:

Grace & Courtesy Role-Playing/Command Cards: There are 12 phrases and picture cards that align with Montessori grace and courtesy lessons. Use them as command cards for a child to read and act out (or look at the picture and act out), use as group work for role-playing practice, or use as phrase to picture matching work.

Grace & Courtesy Yes or No Sort: There are 20 picture cards with captions that can be sorted into the “yes” column for appropriate behavior or the “no” column for inappropriate behavior.

Grace & Courtesy What Do You Do? Cards: There are 20 written scenarios that end with “What do you do?” matched with picture cards with captions describing the proper action to take. These can be used for group discussion or individually as matching cards.

My Book of Grace & Courtesy: There are 32 pages listing a grace and courtesy lesson with a blank space for the child to illustrate. In a classroom, I would have each child illustrate one and hang them around the room. At home, I would have the child make it into a book. As you can see from the picture above, my daughter was really enjoying getting to illustrate some of them!

You can get this whole mini bundle of Grace & Courtesy extensions for just $7!

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