DIY Dinosaur Fossil Playdough Molds

This fun activity from our dinosaur study actually originated by mistake!  I was trying to make fossil impressions using our dinosaur fossil figures to match with each figure once they had dried [which I ended up doing later HERE], but most of my first impressions didn’t make it.  I ended up with just three that […]

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Montessori Botany Study: Learning About Trees

After learning about plants in general, we began diving into a more in-depth botany study with a tree study! We began by taking out our Types of Plants sorting cards by I Believe in Montessori and paying special attention to the trees and their characteristics. We learned about the parts of a tree using these […]

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Montessori-Inspired Holidays Around the World Printables

We haven’t yet done any kind of formal study of holidays [even the ones WE celebrate], so I was super excited to get to test out the new holiday materials from Every Star is Different as now I don’t have to plan any of it!  These amazing bundles contain printables regarding the history, symbols, and traditions […]

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