Montessori-Inspired Art: Bleeding Tissue Paper

We are getting fancy with our art trays this year!  This is actually something I learned about from one of our Kids Night In boxes, and I knew it would make the perfect work for our art shelves.

I cut up some bleeding tissue paper (this will NOT work with regular tissue paper) and put them in a bowl beside an empty cup and a paintbrush on a tray.  When the girls choose this work, they first bring it to the table, then fill up the cup with some water and get a larger piece of paper.

To make the tissue paper bleed, put one piece on top of your paper and paint over it with water…

…then peel it off and see that the color remains!  [Yes, Lila makes this face every single time!]

The girls have done this work so many times that we now have tons of beautiful paper that we use as stationery for writing letters.  This is by far the most popular work on our art shelf!

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