Montessori Botany Study: Learning About Flowers

After learning about plants in general, trees, and leaves, we officially began our flower study!  And… this is where things got a bit wonky, since we were in the middle of a big move.  I’ll share everything we had planned even though a few of the things we never got to, so you can see how it was supposed to go!

We began by taking out our Types of Plants sorting cards by I Believe in Montessori and paying special attention to the flowers and their characteristics.

Then we learned about the parts of a flower using these Parts of a Flower Cards and dissecting a peony to identify all the parts.

Since we were moving at the time, we actually brought some roses to the girls’ favorite hairdresser, and Lila was dismayed to find that the inside of a rose didn’t look like those parts of a flower cards above… So Ashley of Diamond Montessori swooped in to the rescue with some Parts of a Rose Cards!

We kept one of the roses for our study and dissected it so we could label its parts with the cards.

Next in my lesson plans, we were supposed to do that carnation/food coloring experiment… but it never happened.

Luckily I already had these Flower 3-Part Cards ready from last spring, so we did manage to work with those — the girls decided they wanted to sort them by color!

We continued our study of flowers with a mini-unit on pollination — especially by bees!

The girls loved comparing these Parts of a Honeybee Cards to the bee figure from our life cycle figures.

And of course we also used the figures with these Life Cycle of a Honeybee Cards!

To finish out our flower/pollinator study, we intended to pollinate flowers with a Q-tip and arrange flowers to deliver to friends… but those things also got left behind in the moving craziness.

We rely heavily on wonderful children’s books for all of our themed studies, and here are the books we used to study flowers as part of our botany study:

Usborne Science Encyclopedia

What Does Bunny See?  by Linda Sue Park

Alison’s Zinnia, by Anita Lobel

The Trellis and the Seed, by Jan Karon

Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney

A Butterfly is Patient, by Dianna Aston

The Life and Times of the Honeybee, by Charles Micucci

The Honey Makers, by Gail Gibbons

Bee & Me, by Elle J. McGuinness

The Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive, by Joanna Cole

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