Montessori Continents Map & 3-Part Cards Free Printable

These color-coded continents are a staple in the Montessori classroom — but the physical materials can be quite expensive. I created these printable versions of the Montessori continents map and 3-part cards as a homeschool-friendly alternative — and they’re free!

This free printable includes a control map as well as a blank one for the child to color in. If you want to use this printable in the same way you would use the Montessori continents map puzzle, you can cut each continent out and let the child paste them onto the blank copy.

I also made corresponding 3-part cards to match the continents map. I included both “Australia” and “Oceania.” Many older materials use “Australia,” but recently there has been a discussion about the fact that that leaves out the islands surrounding the country of Australia — so we’re moving toward calling the continent “Oceania” instead. You can even use both versions of the card to begin that conversation with your kids!

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