Indoor Gross Motor Play for Kids

Now that it’s chilly outside, let’s set up some spaces for some fun indoor movement that kids of all ages can use to get some of that extra energy out!

If you have a child who loves to climb and slide, a Pikler triangle might be perfect for her, especially with the slide attachment. RAD Children’s Furniure has a climbing triangle with optional ramps/slides you can add on.

I highly recommend Nugget play couches.  As someone who has a hard time letting kids climb and explore different ways to move their bodies (so much potential for getting hurt!), the Nugget feels safe because it’s nice and soft.  Ha!  I also think there are so many different ways to use it compared to some other indoor play things. My girls have two Nuggets and use them for building forts, towers, playing “the floor is lava,” and so much more!

My girls also love this indoor swing/climbing rope set. It’s really easy to switch out the different attachments, so they can practice moving their bodies in so many different ways.

If you have a bouncer, a mini trampoline is a must have! We keep one in the basement and use it to bounce out some extra energy before bedtime.

And of course you can let your kids get creative and build an obstacle course! Add some hula hoops, a yoga mat, couch pillows, and some stepping stones and set up a course around your living room.