Art for Toddlers — Watercolor Painting

It’s important to have art materials readily available for your child — something that I have always struggled with because I HATE MESS!!!  However, if you simply accept the fact that mess is going to happen and teach your child to clean it up by herself, it’s a lot less stressful!

L loves to paint, but I hate the mess that comes along with it.  I decided to set out some watercolor paints on her art shelf because they are easily cleanable!

watercolors 1

I showed L how to fill the ramiken with water from her water pitcher and bring it back to the tray.  I demonstrated how we dip the brush in the water, then paint, and then on the paper.  When she is finished, she likes to hang her painting on the fridge.  L can now do this entire work from start to finish by herself, and the mess usually stays on the tray.  If she does get paint on the table, she grabs a washcloth from the dining room to wipe it up.  This works on practical life skills, fine and gross motor development, and creative expression.


L chooses this at least once a day!

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  1. As a parent of an ADHD little girl, we find water painting to be very therapeutic. I put on an old button up shirt for her to wear for easy clean up.

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