Activities for Toddlers — Clothespins

You can actually make a lot of Montessori-inspired activities for your child using objects that you probably already have in your home — or that you can buy at a dollar store!  One work that has always been a favorite in the classroom is the clothespins work.  I first put it out when L was just one and a half, and she just became frustrated and wasn’t interested.  So I put it back in the closet and brought it back out after she turned two.  The first day it was out, L kept trying and trying.  By day two, she was able to do it!

clothespins 1

To set this up, I simply took a small bin and filled it with clothespins.  I showed L how to pinch the clothespin so it opens and then clip it onto the side of the bin.  If your child is having a hard time pinching it, you can show her how to do it with two hands.  This develops the pincer grip [which helps with holding a pencil for writing] and builds hand strength and hand-eye coordination.

clothespins 2

L loves this work and will repeat it over and over again.  She now likes to count the clothespins as she clips them on — a fun little math extension!



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  2. Great, my two year old class just did a similar activity called Apple Picking using the pins to pick up Pom-poms/apples. Their Eye and Hand Coordination Skill was great and they had interest in the activity.

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