Fall Activities for Kids — Mr. Pumpkin Head

Fall is my favorite season for creating themed Montessori-inspired works!  Pumpkins are especially fun to work with, since you can do so many different things with them.  This Mr. Pumpkin Head activity is something I used to do in the classroom, so I was excited to prepare it at home for L and N this year!

Mr. Potato Head is a favorite in our house, so I already had the pieces I would need to create a Mr. Pumpkin Head.  I picked up a pie pumpkin at our local farmer’s market and got to work  told my husband what to do.


I chose some body parts and asked my husband to drill some holes in the appropriate spots on the pumpkin.  If you have a thick nail, you can use that to make the holes instead of a drill.


L thought this was hilarious when she found it on her shelf in the morning!  She loves making different faces and seeing how silly she can be with it — her favorite is to fill all the holes with eyeballs.   I even caught N trying to put the body parts in the holes!  She’ll need a little more practice on hand-eye coordination to actually be able to get them in by herself.


The pumpkin won’t last forever, but it’s cheap enough that it is easily replaced the next time you go out to the farmer’s market.  Happy fall!

4 thoughts on “Fall Activities for Kids — Mr. Pumpkin Head

  1. That looks so fun! What is the youngest you would recommend for this? My son is 1.5 and doesn’t have any Mr. Potato heads yet…

    1. I’d say 2 years old would be just about perfect. You could try giving your son stickers to put on the pumpkin instead! Michaels usually has some good body part stickers.

  2. My kids are a little old for this activity as something educational, but they all would find it entertaining! Great idea!

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