Montessori Colored Bead Bars Printable Extensions

We’ve been talking a lot about Montessori math in my small group coaching community lately, and for November they asked for some math material extensions as their monthly printable. I ended up making so many that I divided it into two different math bundles — this one is all about the Montessori colored bead bars! Here’s everything that’s included:

If you already have the colored bead bars, this printable bundle is designed to work alongside them — but if you don’t have them, there’s also a printable version included! The printable bead bars are slightly larger than the physical ones just so they’re easier to handle in 2D form.

There are also bead bar nomenclature cards for number 1 to 20. These ones show the bead bars vertically, but there’s also a set showing the bead bars horizontally, so you can print whichever one you prefer!

For kids who need some more engaging work, there are also bead bar coloring cards for numbers 1-20, again available both vertically and horizontally.

Once that’s been mastered, build the bead stair with your bead bars and then color it in!

For some extra practice, there are also some number to bead bar matching cards that can be used just like this or for a fun game of Memory.

Once you’re moving on to doing equations with bead bars, you’ll find word problems for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (6 each). Use them with the bead bars and the included equation recording sheets. Since teen numbers can be extra tricky, there are also addition word problems focusing on making teens with a 10 and another number.

Sometimes all that you need to spiff up a Montessori material is to turn it into a scavenger hunt! Put some bead bars all around the room, then walk around with your scavenger hunt sheet and record how many of each one you find. Then graph the total number of each bead bar!

Older children can play the bead bar shopping game! Put the bead bar price tags on items around the room, then let your child fill a basket with whatever she wants to buy. Bring it back to a work space and add up your total with the bead bars!

Best of all, you can get ALL of these Montessori Colored Bead Bar Extensions for just $10!

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