Montessori Golden Beads Printable Extensions

The Montessori Golden Bead Material can be quite overwhelming, especially if you need a lot of adult guidance or interaction in order to use it. So I created these printable extensions that can be used independently after the initial decimal system lessons have been given! Here’s everything that’s included:

The full Montessori golden bead material can be super expensive, so I’ve included a printable version in case that’s just not within your budget. Print out several copies to get enough to fill your bank!

The Bring Me Game is always a favorite, but it usually requires a teacher to participate by telling the child how much to bring. With these Bring Me Game cards, the child can do it independently! There are 20 cards plus two blank ones so you can fill in your own numbers.

These How Much Do I Have? cards can also be completed independently! Have the child count the golden beads on the cards and match number cards to each place value, then put it all together. There are 20 of these cards included in the bundle.

There are also some equation recording sheets with the place value color coordinated to the number cards.

I always love to include a scavenger hunt to liven up a material, so I included this place value scavenger hunt! Place some golden beads around the room, then count how many of each kind you have and enter it on the sheet. At the bottom, put the numbers together to see how much you have in all!

There’s also a fun Place Value Roll & Record game. Roll the golden bead die to see which one you’re recording, then roll the number die to see how many of that kind you have. Record it on the graph, then put the total below.

If you’ve been looking for some Golden Bead extensions that your child can complete independently, this bundle is for you!

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