Promoting Diapering Independence on a Budget — with Huggies Little Movers 2 Month’s Supply

N is now fully stable on her own two feet, so we have begun diapering the Montessori way — standing up!  We keep her diapers in a cupboard that is low to the ground so she can open it up and get one out when it is time for a change.  I invite N to help pull down her pants, undo the tabs on her diaper, wipe, attach the tabs on her fresh diaper, and pull her pants back up.  This allows her to take an active part in the diapering process, and it builds her self-care and fine motor skills.

promoting diapering independence

In a couple of months, I will ask N if she would like to sit on the toilet after we change her diaper — and then the toilet-training process will begin.  I can’t WAIT to be diaper-free in this house, since diapers can be quite costly and it’s something that you really can’t survive without if you have infants in the house!  We like to buy our diapers in bulk — both to save money and so we don’t have to remember to buy some on EVERY single shopping trip.

exploring the diaper box

The Huggies Little Movers 2 Month’s Supply is available exclusively at Sam’s Club for a limited time — and it’s the biggest diaper pack I have ever found!  It’s only available in size 4, but that is the size that lasts the longest for most babies as it has the widest weight range.  N loves undoing the tabs and sticking them back on!

We are home all day, so grocery trips to Sam’s Club are our version of field trips — young children learn so much just from watching you interact with other people at the store!  If your kids don’t behave well on shopping trips or it’s just not your thing, order online for club pickup or even free home delivery on select baby products (including these diapers).


Between the free samples [yum!] and saving money by purchasing items in bulk, Sam’s Club is one of our favorite places to go each week.  I try to really stock up on diapers and wipes when they have that blue “Instant Savings” card next to them, and guess what?  I found that card by the Huggies Little Movers 2 Month’s Supply pack and piled some into my cart!  Click here to get more details on these great savings!

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3 thoughts on “Promoting Diapering Independence on a Budget — with Huggies Little Movers 2 Month’s Supply

  1. I love this! Once a child is this age it no longer makes sense to have everything done for them. Allowing the child to become a participant is the next logical step. Best wishes for the toilet training when you get started! Nice to look ahead to doing without the diapers.

  2. I have always said, becoming diaper free is like getting a pay raise! Ha! My youngest is four and am thankful he potty trained at 2 and we have never looked back at diapers since 🙂 Good luck!

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