Stop the Baby Talk and Dumbing Down — Why We Use Real Words with Our Kids

I have had a couple of different experiences with L in the past few months that inspired me to write this post about why we use real words with our children instead of using baby talk or dumbing down facts.  Maria Montessori observed that the sensitive period for language is between birth and 6 years […]

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How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

One of the perks to being a Montessori mom is that I’m not constantly cleaning up after my children.  But this isn’t just a Montessori thing — all children go through a sensitive period for order from birth to age 5.  This means that they are naturally inclined to work towards and crave order in their lives […]

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Pumpkin Ring Post for Infants and Toddlers

All of the credit for this BRILLIANT pumpkin ring post for toddlers goes to my Instagram friend @momducator (find her here)!  Her little girl actually came up with it when presented with a basket full of loose parts, but I immediately saw how it could be used on a Montessori-inspired work tray. I got one of […]

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