Montessori Practical Life — Pouring to the Line

When we moved into our new house and had a room set aside specifically for use as a homeschool preschool room, I knew I wanted to up my game in terms of providing more practical life works that involved water.  Lila has been pouring liquids with ease for years now, so I knew it was time to elevate our water pouring work.

To increase the difficulty level, I added two separate containers to be poured into, and marked a line on each to show where the water should stop.  I made the line by applying some clear tape to the jars and then drawing the line on top of the tape with sharpie — this way it’s removable.

To begin the work, Lila must first fill up the water pitcher [actually a coffee creamer from this set] from the water station and bring it over to the tray.  Then she must pour into one jar at a time…

…just until she gets to the line marked on each.  She sometimes has to return to the water station to put more water in her pitcher before she has finished pouring into both jars.

I also showed her how to bend down to make sure the water is just at the top of the line on each jar.

Lila is quickly approaching mastery of this water work.  My next step will be exchanging the small jars for a liquid measuring cup with lines of measurement already on it.  I will then add some cards with different measurements written on them, and Lila can draw a card from the pile and then pour to whatever measurement is written on her card.


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