Montessori-Inspired Construction Printables

Another month, another Montessori-inspired printable bundle as requested by my small group coaching members! They chose a construction theme for October, so I put together this HUGE Montessori-Inspired Construction Bundle! Here’s everything that’s inside:

Construction Nomenclature 3-Part Cards: There are 3-part cards for 24 construction vehicles and tools. I recommend separating them according to category rather than presenting them all at once. These cards can also be used with a couple of other activities listed below!

Construction Silhouette Matching Cards: There are 24 silhouettes to match the 24 construction vehicles and tools in the set of 3-part cards! Use them with the picture cards of the Nomenclature 3-part cards.

Construction Vehicle Graphic Matching Cards: Match the graphics of the construction vehicles to the photograph of the construction vehicles from the Nomenclature 3-Part Cards.

Parts of an Excavator 3-Part Cards: Each part of the excavator is isolated in red.

Word “Building” Mats: There are several mats included for building CVC, CCVC, and CVCC words. There are printable movable alphabet tiles that fit inside the squares on the mats, or you can write the letters in. Print and cursive versions are both included in the bundle.

Number “Building” Clip Cards: There are bead bar addition clip cards for adding all the numbers between 1 and 10.

Construction Skip Counting Puzzles: My signature skip counting puzzles, with the numbers in the color of the base number’s bead bar and the base number of construction objects in the completed picture. There are puzzles for skip counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s.

Construction Scavenger Hunt & Graph: There are pictures of each construction vehicle & tool that you can print and hang around the room — then count how many you can find and graph them!

This bundle is massive and has something for everyone!

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