Printable Montessori Grammar Farm In Print & Cursive

That’s right, I didn’t stop with the Montessori Farm Printable Pack! I also wanted to create a printable version of the Montessori Grammar Farm for those who don’t already own a toy farm and want to save a bit of money. This Printable Montessori Grammar Farm work contains everything you would need to complete the Grammar Farm lessons and can be used in many ways for several years — and it’s only $7, far less expensive than a play farm.

The Printable Montessori Grammar Farm is intended for ages 3 to 9 and contains the following materials:

  • Printable Farm Mat
  • Printable Barn in Color
  • Printable Color-In Barn
  • Printable Human and Animal Figures
  • Instructions for Printing and Assembling All Parts
  • Article Labels
  • Noun Labels
  • Verb Labels
  • Adjective Labels
  • Adverb Labels
  • Preposition Labels
  • Conjunction Labels
  • Pronoun Labels

Let’s take a closer look!

The Printable Grammar Farm includes a printable farm mat — it consists of four pages that can be printed and pasted together in any configuration you like! One page is plain green, one contains a vegetable patch in the corner, one contains a pond in the corner, and one contains a flower bed in the corner with a path around it. These components are all used as nouns in the grammar labels included in the printable pack. It also includes the most common (in America) farm animals that can be formed into movable pieces.

There are two versions of printable barns included in the Printable Montessori Grammar Farm because I wanted to provide options for people who don’t want to use too much printer ink. One of the printable barns comes with just the outlines of the walls and can be colored in however you would like! The other printable barn comes with the walls already designed. The end of the barn not shown in these photos is open, allowing figures to be placed “inside” — one of the preposition labels that can be used with the grammar farm.

I included far more human figures than are necessary for the Montessori Grammar Farm presentations, but that is because I wanted to include a wide variety of races and ethnicities to be as inclusive as possible. And don’t forget — a farmer can be female! You might even recognize one of the child figures included…

“This all looks very nice, Angela — but what do you actually do with the Montessori Grammar Farm?” I love the Montessori Grammar Farm because it is so versatile and can be used at so many different levels! The simplest form of the lesson would be to use it without any labels and just name each object or give directions using prepositions. Once your child is pretty comfortable sounding out words, you can bring out the noun labels and use it as a labeling work.

Please excuse the finger prints — I touched the paper as soon as it came out of the printer and smudged it a bit!

Then gradually introduce more and more parts of speech [one at a time] as your child grows! Introduce articles, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions. If you would like some examples of how to do this, I highly recommend this inexpensive language album. Eventually, your child will be able to build entire sentences based on the farm set-up.

My Printable Montessori Grammar Farm includes labels for articles, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and pronouns in the traditional Montessori colors. Each of those sections also includes some blank labels with the colored border so you can fill in your own word. I fashioned some quick pouches out of construction paper (not included in the printable pack) to keep each part of speech separate.

Get the Printable Montessori Grammar Farm HERE.

The Printable Montessori Grammar Farm is also available with all of the labels written in cursive! You can get the cursive version HERE.