Number Matching with an Advent Calendar

Here’s another Christmas work I posted last year. Lila wasn’t quite ready for it at the time, but this year it is PERFECT for her. She loves matching the numbers and shapes and putting each piece behind the correct door.

MOMtessori Life

Have I mentioned that we love Christmas?  It’s possible to make almost any Christmas tradition into a Montessori work.  One of our favorite traditions is doing an Advent calendar.  I decided to make it into a number matching work that could be done all day, while we would open the calendar to find a surprise behind the correct door for each night (I don’t put the candy in until right before we open it at night because I don’t want our dog to find it!).  We have a large wooden calendar.  Each door has a number on a shape that protrudes from the background.  I drew the same shapes with corresponding numbers on pieces of cardstock and laminated them.  I put them all in a bowl and set it by the Advent calendar, only to quickly discover that L is not ready for this work  There were too many little…

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