Parts of the Body — Mr. Potato Head

Every adult remembers special toys from their childhood and longs for their own child to love it as much as they did.  One classic toy that incorporates many Montessori principles is Mr. Potato Head!  My mom got one for L, and she absolutely loves it.  It is similar to an in and out work, as the child must insert each body part into a hole on the potato.  This is great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  This work also provides language and ordering skills, as you can discuss each body part as your child puts it on the potato head as well as its proper placement.  In the few months that L has been working with Mr. Potato Head, I have seen remarkable progress in her body part naming, and she is getting better at putting each part in the correct place on the face.  This work requires no prep from parents and brings back wonderful memories!