Montessori-Inspired Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundle

Have you ever seen a learning material that made you almost swoon?  That pretty much describes my feelings about Little Spark Company’s Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundle — we chose the cursive version because that’s what Lila is super interested in right now, but it is also available in print.  This writing bundle combines fall, art, and cursive — so many of our favorite things!  Stick around till the end to find a coupon code just for you!

There are so many ways to use the materials provided in the Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundles!  The artwork that is included features farm scenes, and they’re absolutely gorgeous selections!

We decided to use the A-Z Cursive Alphabet Cards to make a garland!  Lila punched holes in each of the cards and strung them up with some yarn — the finished garland is now hanging from our fireplace mantle in the living room, and I find both girls pausing as they walk by to examine some of the pictures.

I put the Cursive Alphabet Lamination Sheet into a dry erase pocket so Lila can trace with a dry erase marker over and over again!

My own personal favorite part of this bundle [I was an Art History major in college!] is the Fall Harvest Art Card Set!  They can be used as 3-part cards, but they also come with puzzle cards for each painting so you can match up the pieces to put them back together!  The labels are written in cursive to carry on the cursive theme, and the paintings all feature farming scenes.

Lila’s favorite part of this bundle is the HUGE Fall Harvest Art Cursive Writing Handbook!  It contains 82 pages of line and letter practice — I put each page into sheet protectors and then the whole thing in a binder so Lila can do it over and over again.  I love that it helps with individual letter formation as well as how to connect letters to form words, and again the farm/harvest theme is used throughout beautifully.

There’s also an Art Gourd Animals Activity which we haven’t done yet because I haven’t found the perfect gourds at the farmers market — but I am looking forward to doing that activity this fall!

Overall, the Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundle is a gorgeous, high quality material with so many applications!  This could be used for many children in a classroom setting or even just for an individual child the way we’re using it.  Little Spark Company was kind enough to provide a coupon code for my followers to use!

Use coupon code MOMTESSORI20 to get 20% off the Fall Harvest Art Writing Bundle in cursive and/or print now!