You’re Invited!


I’d love to have you all over to my home for a HUGE party, but that would require for me to actually clean my house and for you to travel great distances to get here — so let’s do this on Facebook!  On Tuesday,  October 3rd, my friend and Usborne consultant Melissa will be throwing a party for me at 9pm EST.  Oh, no — is that when your absolute favorite TV show airs?  Mine, too!  That’s what commercial breaks are for.  Can’t make it to the live event but still interested in winning prizes and getting a head start on your Christmas list?  The party will be open for a whole week for you to play and shop at your convenience.

Did you miss the party?  Maybe you’ll catch it next time — this is definitely something I will be doing again! But you can still read through my recommendations below:

WHY do I want to share some Usborne books with you?  Because we LOVE them over here.  Usborne has tons of amazing books for homeschooling, road trips, and just good old-fashioned book loving families.  Here are a few of my favorites that we’ve been using at home.

There are so many good books from Usborne that it has been hard to limit what I’m buying.  My wish list currently has 45 books on it!  Here are just a few of our favorites and how we use them at home.

Paint Me a Picture is my favorite book for teaching about colors.  Each page shows a beautiful watercolor and line sketch for each color, with a description of what feelings each color evokes.

We use this book to learn new descriptive words and to talk about color mixing.

I got this short book about Flowers back in the spring when we were studying the parts of a flower and how they grow.  This book has beautiful illustrations and simple yet informative words.

There’s a whole series of this kind of book, each focusing on one subject at a time!

Do you remember I Spy and Where’s Waldo books from when you were a kid?  This Big Book of Things to Spot is just like that, but way more educational.  L and N have learned all kinds of new vocabulary from the pages of this book.  It’s also great for working on counting!

There are also many of these kinds of books, usually grouped by theme.

The Shine-A-Light books are a fun way to make learning interactive!  We have the one about the seashore — each page has something hidden that will only be revealed when you shine a flashlight from behind.  The one about the Human Body is definitely high up on my wish list for when we start our body unit!

Usborne is definitely our go-to place for reference books.  They have so many different kinds, and each has beautiful photographs or detailed illustrations.  They are so full of information on a variety of subjects, and many of them even include Internet links for more information — I’m not really sure how that works since I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure Melissa can tell us more about that on Tuesday!

This Children’s Encyclopedia is by far L’s favorite book.  I think this was the first Usborne book I ever bought, and man was it worth it.

L will often take it out and flip through all of the pages until she has reached the end.  We use this to look up all kinds of things — especially when L comes up with some crazy questions that I don’t know the answer to!

I am so excited to use this book for our unit on the Human Body — we will be starting that after we finish our continent studies.

See Inside Your Body has a different page for each system of the human body, with tons of information both above and below flaps!

There are a few other books on the human body on my wish list, so I can’t wait to get some of those at this book party!

Our Usborne books have been extremely useful in our Montessori continent studies!  We have used each of these extensively as we work our way around the globe — the beautiful photographs and illustrations really help to make it seem like we are visiting those places.

This Big Picture Atlas has been so much fun to look through as we study each continent.  The pages are full of tiny illustrations of animals, costumes, landmarks, foods, and other fun facts about each place.

There is so much to see on each continent that we easily spend 20 minutes just pouring over each page at Circle Time.

The Geography Encyclopedia with Complete World Atlas is something I wish I had bought BEFORE we began our continent studies, as it contains amazing materials for teaching about the whole earth as a planet.

This book has so much information about the Earth with beautiful photographs paired with easy to read illustrations.

It also goes into each continent individually, with tons of maps and different views of the continents.

The Encyclopedia of World Religions has also been so helpful as we study the many different religions to be found all over the world.

It covers religions I hadn’t even heard of before!

I especially love that it includes photographs of children practicing each religion.


Does your homeschool need more materials for upcoming units, or do your children just love to read?  Join me for my Usborne books party on Tuesday, October 3rd, at 9pm EST and continuing for the rest of the week.  We will have fun, win some prizes from my Usborne consultant Melissa, and one lucky winner will even get a printable copy of my Montessori Pink Series CVC Writing Templates!  All that from the comfort of your own couch during This is Us commercials!

*Unfortunately, Usborne only ships to residents of the United States.  Sorry, international friends!*

I would love to party with you!  I will be there during the whole live party and checking in periodically throughout the week, so let me know if you have any questions or need any [more] recommendations!

Please RSVP here:  Angela’s Raising Readers Fall Book Bash

So the party may be over, but you can still buy amazing Usborne books from my consultant HERE.