Montessori-Inspired Thanksgiving Printables

Is it already Thanksgiving time?!  Not quite, but as teachers [or homeschoolers], you always have to be working ahead a bit to make sure your materials are ready in time.  When I learned that Every Star is Different was creating this new Montessori-Inspired Thanksgiving Bundle, I was so excited!  It is so difficult to find Thanksgiving printables that aren’t just a whitewashed story about “Pilgrims and Indians,” with cartoony images and not true history.  But now there’s this!

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Montessori-inspired Thanksgiving Printable Pack
  2. Montessori-inspired Native Americans Printable Pack (covers all of North America)
  3. Montessori-inspired Explorers and Colonists Printable Pack (covers all of North America)
As usual, here’s a peek inside so you can see the full table of contents of each of the packs included in the Montessori-Inspired Thanksgiving Bundle:
The Montessori-Inspired Thanksgiving Printable Pack portion of the bundle focuses on the foods served for our modern Thanksgiving dinner, especially in terms of where they come from!  I love that it uses the pies for materials involving fractions, graphing, counting, word problems, and even looking at what ingredients go into making the different types of pie.  This portion of the bundle also takes a look at Thanksgiving celebrations around the world, although the main focus is on American Thanksgiving traditions.
The Montessori-inspired Native Americans Printable Pack part of this bundle explores the Native American tribes and their cultures.  I love that it provides space for their stories without only being in relation to the white colonists who arrived later.  Nora is going to love learning about the important animals of Native Americans!
The Montessori-inspired Explorers and Colonists Printable Pack explores the white colonists and explorers who came to North America and took the land for themselves.  I love that it doesn’t glorify the rich white men over everyone else involved and tells true history.  Who Am I? cards are some of our very favorite materials, so I know the girls will love this.