Montessori Phonological Awareness Activity: Compound Words

My small group coaching members asked for some printable materials inspired by the Science of Reading, so I got to work putting together a bunch of phonological and phonemic awareness activities! This Montessori phonological awareness activity works on blending two small words to make a bigger word.

When you’re first presenting this work, only choose a few of the sets to work with so it’s not too overwhelming. Take two smaller words and combine them to make a bigger compound word, then put the pictures together. Even if you are using these with a pre-reader, the control of error included in each card is the words matching when the 3 cards are all assembled together.

My Compound Words Picture & Word Cards include 30 compound words, and each trio of cards includes the 2 smaller words with pictures plus the compound word with pictures. These can be used with pre-readers or fluent readers.

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