Montessori-Inspired Snowman Printables

Winter might be my very favorite season to make themed printables for, so I was excited to put together my new Montessori-Inspired Snowman Bundle! [I’m using the word “snowman” here purely for SEO purposes — the cards use the words “snowman,” “snowwoman,” and “snowperson” so you can choose the one you prefer.]

My Montessori-Inspired Snowman Bundle includes the following printables:

  • Snowperson Matching Cards
  • Snowperson Part to Whole Matching Cards
  • Snowperson Emotions 3-Part Cards
  • Building a Snowperson Sequencing Cards
  • Parts of a Snowperson 3-Part Cards
  • Snowperson Silhouette Matching Cards
  • Button Patterns Activity
  • Button Counting Clip Cards
  • Snowperson Counting Puzzles
  • Winter Word Problems for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Snowperson Cutting Strips
  • Snowperson Pinpushing Shapes
  • Snow Fun Read It, Trace It, Write It Strips

I’ll share a bit about each of those parts below!

These Snowperson Matching Cards feature 12 pairs of snowperson photographs. These can be used for picture matching or to play a fun game of memory!

For a bit of a bigger challenge, my Snowman Bundle also includes these Snowperson Part to Whole Matching Cards. There are 10 pairs and each one features a whole snowperson photograph with a card that shows just a small part of it.

These Snowperson Emotions 3-Part Cards feature 5 different emotions that can be found on the snowpeople, as well as some blank cards so you can draw your own or copy these ones!

My Snowman Bundle also includes a couple versions of Building a Snowperson Sequencing Cards! There is a control card (up at the top) as well as cards for putting in order with numbers on them and without.

And of course we need some Anatomy of a Snowperson 3-Part Cards! This set includes 10 different parts as well as black line masters so your students can make a book of their own labeling the parts.

There are also some fun Snowperson Silhouette Matching Cards! This set includes 12 pairs that can be used as matching cards or even as a Memory game.

And we should definitely use the snowman’s buttons in some way… like with these Button Pattern Cards! This set includes 21 cards of button patterns along with button pieces to fill in the missing spaces.

And counting puzzles are always fun! The Snowman Bundle includes 3 puzzles featuring snowpeople: counting from 1 to 10, counting backwards from 10 to 1, and finally counting by tens to 100.

And we can also use the buttons in these Button Counting Clip Cards! This set includes 15 cards featuring snowpeople with buttons to count.

For children with more advanced math skills, there are 24 winter word problem cards featuring Nora and snowflakes, Arjun and hot cocoa, Hoshi and mittens, a reindeer and carrots, Hawa and snowballs, and Jamal and snowmen. The word problem cards also include the matching equations (6 each for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

For your fine motor shelves, the Snowman Bundle includes these Snowperson Cutting Strips with 3 different snowpeople at the end. These could also be used as tracing strips to work on pencil grip and the movements needed for forming letters.

And we can use the shapes of snowpeople for some pin pushing work! The Snowman Bundle includes pin pushing pages for 5 different shapes, then just put the shapes in order with the largest on the bottom and smallest on the top to form your snowperson.

Last but not least, the Snowman Bundle includes Read It, Trace It, Write It Strips for practicing 17 winter words.

My Montessori-Inspired Snowman Bundle is available now in my Etsy shop!

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