The Montessori-Inspired Piano Curriculum by Keyndergarten

Lila has been VERY interested in learning to play the piano lately — and although I play myself, I had absolutely no idea how to teach someone else to play!  Luckily, I saw Deniz’s Keyndergarten program on Instagram and fell in love with the hands-on activities she offers in addition to actual time spent at the piano keyboard!

We began our piano lessons using the Keyndergarten curriculum a couple of weeks ago, and Lila is progressing quickly thanks to the combination of Montessori-inspired table time activities paired with some piano time activities.

We have finished Units 1 and 2 and Lila can already find all the notes by name on the piano.  We are in the middle of Unit 3, so Lila is now learning how to find the notes on a staff and play written music.

We are enrolled in the “Premium” option in the Keyndergarten program, so we have access to video tutorials for each of the units.  Since I am a visual learner, I LOVE that I get to watch Deniz present some of the materials in the videos before I present them to Lila.

There are a total of 20 Units in the Keyndergarten piano curriculum, and each one lasts for several different lessons — so there is a TON of information provided in this Montessori-inspired piano course!  Each unit contains several printable activities and music sheets for practice, and your piano-teaching journey is clearly laid out in the lesson instructions.  The units take about 5-10 minutes of prep work just in terms of printing out materials and gathering bits and pieces from around your house to use with the lessons.  I DO have experience playing the piano, but the piano curriculum is laid out so clearly that even people with no musical background at all could use it to teach their children.  Lila started when she showed interest just before she turned 5, but the curriculum is recommended for children 3+.  I’m thinking of starting Nora soon!

Here’s a video of what Lila learned in Unit 2 — already able to find all the notes without them being labeled on the keyboard!

Even though we are just a few units in, I highly recommend this Montessori-inspired piano curriculum by Keyndergarten!  The activities are well thought out and flow together easily between table time and piano time, holding the interest of the child while helping her to learn the new concepts quickly.  Lila is so excited for her piano lessons each time we do them (a couple times a week, in our case), and she is always so proud to show off what she’s just learned to her sister and dad.  This one’s a winner!

If you’d like to see more about our piano learning journey, check out my stories on Instagram — they are usually in there a couple times a week as we do our lessons!





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