Montessori-Inspired Astronomy Printables

Many of you have asked about materials for learning about the solar system in your Montessori homeschool preschool, and I’m so excited to review these new Montessori-Inspired Astronomy printables for you!  As you know, Every Star is Different is one of my very favorite Montessori printable creators — and she’s done it again with this amazing bundle full of everything your preschooler or elementary child could want to know about outer space!

Here’s everything that’s included:

1. Montessori-inspired Stars Printable Pack
2. Montessori-inspired Moon Printable Pack
3. Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack
4. Montessori-inspired Solar System Printable Pack

Plus this bonus:
5. Montessori-inspired Space Exploration Printable Pack

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that Lila takes a science class at our local science center each week.  While she’s there, Nora and I are free to explore the museum, and we often take in a show at the planetarium.  So I was so excited to see this Montessori-Inspired Stars Printable Pack, which gives us far more information about stars than I was prepared to explain to the girls on my own!  I especially love the life cycle printables and the constellation 3-part cards — the girls will love being able to recognize them in the night sky!

The Montessori-Inspired Moon Printable Pack has the most beautiful REAL photographs of the moon included — from all angles!  I was so excited to see the book-making activity, and my girls are going to love the Nocturnal/Diurnal Animal Sorting cards.  Nora keeps telling us, “Owls are awake at night because they’re nocturnal” in the sweetest little voice, so I’m sure she’ll be over the moon [do you see what I did there? ;P] to learn about some other nocturnal animals!

The Montessori-Inspired Sun Printable Pack has so many fun activities!  I knew the girls would love this solar eclipse sequencing activity, and it even inspired me to look up when the next solar eclipse will be — not until 2024 to be visible in North America, but Lila still remembers the last one.  The sun safety cards will be especially helpful this summer, and I love the printable of the Trip Around the Sun Activity — usually used to celebrate birthdays in the Montessori classroom, it’s also helpful for learning the months in order and understanding the concept of a year as one whole trip around the sun.

The Montessori-Inspired Solar System Printable Pack has everything you need for studying the planets!  It contains materials for all areas of the classroom and would make a fabulous preceding unit to a Montessori continent study.  Printing out those planet book-making printables NOW!

Plus there is a *BONUS* printable pack:  The Montessori-Inspired Space Exploration Printable Pack contains materials for learning about the people who studied the solar system throughout history as well as all of the vehicles used for space travel!


You can find these printable packs HERE.


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