Montessori-Inspired Community Helpers Printables

My small group coaching community has a lot of members whose kids enjoy seeing their local community helpers in action — so they requested some printables on that theme for their May printable. As usual, once I got started I just couldn’t stop and somehow it evolved into a whole bundle of printable materials. I took great care to make sure to include diverse representation with all of the photographs that feature people, and I’m so happy with the final result! Here’s everything that’s included in my NEW Montessori-Inspired Community Helpers Bundle:

We start with some Community Helpers 3-Part Cards! There are 12 types of community helpers included in this bundle: teacher, veterinarian, police officer, sanitation worker, nurse, paramedic, firefighter, mail carrier, doctor, farmer, bus driver, and crossing guard.

There are also some Community Helper sorting cards so your child can find the community helper, vehicle, and object that go together.

Silhouette matching is always a favorite activity, so I also included some Community Helper Silhouette matching cards featuring some objects that are associated with community helpers.

These Community Helper Scene Cards can be printed twice to be used as picture matching cards or just once to be used as story telling/writing prompts.

This bundle also includes a variety of 2-, 3-, and 4-piece puzzles featuring community helpers in action for younger kids…

…as well as Community Helper Skip Counting Puzzles for older kids! As with all of my skip counting puzzles, the numbers are color-coded to the base number’s bead bar color and each picture has the base number of community helpers in it.

This printable bundle is perfect for classroom or homeschool environments, especially for children who enjoy seeing their local community helpers doing their important work!

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