The Montessori-Inspired Kitchen Helper by Sprout

Montessori in the home is all about how to prepare your environment to allow your child to be more independent in her daily life.  We’ve had a kitchen helper ever since Lila could stand to enable her to reach our kitchen counters and join us in our food prep work for meals.  Lila is now 5 and she STILL uses it — but when people have asked in the past where we found ours, I never knew what to recommend because my woodworker husband made ours.  So I was super excited to get to help Sprout develop their new Wooden Kitchen Helper by providing input and helping with the launch of this amazing new tool!

Sprout’s new Kitchen Helper is small enough that it won’t take up too much space in your kitchen, but large enough that it is still sturdy and stable when holding your precious little ones.  I especially love the non-slip strips on the steps, and that safety bar across the top which can lock in place.  Lila has examined the prototype model, and she was quick to inform me that she thinks the Sprout Kitchen Helper is “better than the one Daddy made because it has real steps!”

Kitchen Helpers are the perfect height for allowing your toddler or preschooler to prepare foods at the counter, wash dishes, taste test dinner before it’s finished, cook at the stovetop [with supervision, of course], or reach things that are above her eye level throughout the house!  Our kitchen helper has a permanent home at the counter next to our cereal dispenser and toaster, so the girls can get their own breakfasts before I’ve even made my coffee.  We also frequently drag it over to the larger counter space to prepare lunch or prep dinner together.  Lila likes to use it to wash dishes in the sink, and sometimes we even use it there when we are doing messy science experiments!

Sprout’s Montessori-Inspired Kitchen Helper is available for pre-order now!