Activities for Infants 5-10 Months – Treasure Basket

Once your infant is sitting up by herself, it’s time to introduce some new objects for her to explore.  One thing I’ve always loved putting together for infants is a treasure basket.  The best part about this work is that you already have everything you need for it!

A treasure basket is simply a container filled with everyday objects of varying textures, sizes, shapes, and colors, that the infant is free to explore.  Kitchen utensils and gadgets are perfect for this type of work!  This work provides a great sensory experience of your child’s everyday environment.  Providing the whole basket with many different objects in it allows the child to begin making choices as she decides which object to explore first.

Some of the objects I put in N’s treasure basket include:  collapsible measuring cups, a rice paddle, a slotted wooden spoon, a vegetable scrubbing brush, a turkey baster, a frying spoon, and a handkerchief.  You can put almost anything in your treasure basket.  Past objects I’ve used have included:  paint brushes, bells, small containers, measuring spoons, loofahs, sponges, a shot glass, a sushi roller, etc.

treasure basket

***Keep in mind that your infant will probably put everything in her mouth, so make sure none of the objects are toxic.  Supervision is needed for this activity.

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