Activities for Infants 6 to 12 Months

In the past couple of weeks, N has been perfecting her army crawl.  We first noticed her crawling when she was chasing a little red ball that kept rolling away from her.  It is by far the most motivating object for N, but I’m worried that once her teeth come in (if they ever do!) […]

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I’m collecting some questions from readers and I need your input!  What have you always wanted to know about Maria Montessori or the Montessori method?  Do you have any questions about how we implement the Montessori philosophy in our home?  What information would help you in your own parenting or teaching journey?  Post your questions […]

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No “Containers” – Montessori Infant Practices

If you visit a Montessori Infant classroom, you will find that there are no “containers.”  That is, there are no cribs, playpens, pack n plays, bouncers, walkers, or anything that you would put a child IN.  This is because Maria Montessori studied the value of freedom of movement in the development of the young child. […]

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