Montessori Homeschool Summit 2021 — Limited Time Offer!

If you are a Montessori homeschooler, I have a special treat for you — the Montessori Homeschool Summit 2021! This virtual conference contains sessions by 30 amazing Montessorians and is especially for homeschooling parents of children ages 0 to 12.

Each day from September 27th through October 1st, 6 pre-recorded videos will be released for you according to the list of presentations. You can watch presentations right away after they are released or you can watch them later. You will have access to the videos for 1 year.  Here are the sessions available during the Montessori Homeschool Summit 2021:

Day 1

  • Montessori Peace Education by Sharlie R. Burnie
  • Education from Birth by Junnifa Uzodike and Simone Davies
  • Why Handwork Is An Essential Element Of Cosmic Education by Carol Palmer
  • Conflict Resolution for Ages 6-12 by Laura Connor
  • Homeschool Wizard: Special Needs with a Montessori Mindset by Jennifer Wilmot
  • Artistic Expression in the Montessori Home Environment by Letty Rising and Jana Morgan Herman

Day 2

  • Monte-Silly: Effective Teaching is Playful! by Aubrey Hargis
  • Preparing Your Child for Toilet Learning the Montessori Way by Rachel Kincaid
  • Montessori Grammar at Home by Jennifer Kilgore
  • What is Guided Inquiry? How can it be used in a Montessori Homeschool Environment? by Jackie Grundberg
  • Guiding the Reluctant Writer by Pilar Bewley
  • Montessori as a Practice by Pamela Green

Day 3

  • Cultural Competence & Your Montessori Child by Lynda Apostol
  • Navigating Independence: Toddler Edition by Catherine Mason
  • Extra Languages (Foreign and Second languages) in the Home by Matt Bronsil
  • Montessori Discipline at Home by Carine Robin
  • The Inclusive Montessori Classroom: One Family’s Experience of Belonging by Claudia Mann & Liza Jensen
  • Montessori in the Workplace: Applying Principles in Your Adult Life by Donna May Tomboc

Day 4

  • Understanding your child’s behavior by Jeanne-Marie Paynel
  • Montessori Toddler Music, Art and Outdoor Classroom Activities by Carolyn Lucento
  • Using the Human Tendencies to Develop Compassionate Teaching by Claudia Mann
  • How to Run a Montessori-Style Homeschool Project Group by Leanna Ampola
  • ADHD and Montessori homeschooling – adapting the homeschool day and environment to ensure success for learners by Lisa Dei Gratia

Day 5

  • You Don’t Have to Plan for Homeschool – And Here’s What You Can Do Instead by Alicia Díaz-David
  • Importance of sensory stimulation during the absorbent mind plane birth to 6 by Anya Garcia
  • Creativity as a Cosmic Task: How the Cosmic Curriculum Cultivates Creative Cognition and Ecoliteracy by Kelly Johnson
  • Being a Black Deaf father Montessorian by Ashton Jean-Pierre
  • Parenting on Purpose by Luz Casquejo Johnston

ALL of that… for just $68!!! What a steal!

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