How to Support Your Montessori Child at Home

One of the most frequent questions parents ask me is about how to support their children at home even if they’re not officially homeschooling. Some of their children go to Montessori schools. Some of them go to other types of preschools. But they all want to know how to help support their children in the Montessori style at home. And my answer might surprise you!

I think that when I am asked that question, the parents expect me to list a bunch of learning activities for them to do with their children. But if your child is already attending some form of preschool, that’s not what they need from you. Instead, they need you to prepare your home environment to allow them to be more independent in self-care and practical life skills.

Toddlers and preschoolers really want to do things “all by myself” — surely you’ve heard that phrase come out of their mouths at some point! The best way you can support your Montessori child at home is to prepare the environment so that they can do those things. That might mean rearranging rooms of your house so your child can reach what she needs to reach, or inviting her to help prepare a meal, or even just allowing for more time for your child to practice putting her own shoes on before you leave for school.

When I first started as a Montessori toddler teacher, I was amazed at the difference between what toddlers are truly capable of and what most parents THINK they’re capable of. I struggled to help the parents of my students understand that they didn’t need to be spoon-feeding their two-year-olds, or carrying them up the steps of the building, or tons of other things I witnessed as their teacher. Parent Education night was spent trying to help them see how independent young children could be…. but they just didn’t get it. “Yeah, that’s why we send them to this Montessori school,” they’d reply. They didn’t understand how to incorporate the same principles they were paying thousands of dollars in tuition for at home. And I didn’t know quite how to tell them either. 

Then I had my own children. And I brought everything I had learned through my Montessori training and teaching experience into our home. And it worked! It didn’t just work — my children thrived. People who saw them in action couldn’t believe their eyes. So I captured it on film. I wrote about it. I shared it far and wide. And over the next couple of weeks, I’m presenting a webinar about it.

I was a Montessori teacher. I am a Montessori parent. I can now see how they can work together and separately. And I’m ready to share it with you!

I’d love to have you join me at this webinar focused on practical ways to utilize basic Montessori principles when preparing your home environment. Take a journey through the possibilities for the set-up of each room of your home as a way to reduce power struggles and allow your young child to be more independent in daily self-care tasks. Learn how to design your home living spaces to no only accommodate, but to enhance the developmental growth of your child.

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