Montessori-Inspired Skip Counting Puzzles

This past summer, I included a set of skip counting puzzles in my Farm Bundle. They were such a hit that I knew I wanted to make more to rotate during different months/seasons. I finally got them all together and have them up in my Etsy shop!

The numbers on each puzzle correspond to that base number’s Montessori bead bar color, and the picture in the puzzle contains that base number of objects! I love being creative with controls of error like that. I’ve put together a printable puzzle for counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s for each of the 10 themes below:

I’ve already heard several reviews from Instagram followers who are already loving these skip counting puzzles! Here’s what a Montessori homeschooling mom has to say:

And this is what a Montessori elementary teacher said [before she knew that I had made 10 more sets!]:

You can pick whichever sets you would like to get individually, or you can get all 10 of them together for the price of just 6! Let’s look at what’s inside. Each picture will link to that individual set, then there is a link to the whole bundle at the very bottom.

Sea Creatures
Fall Leaves

If you’re planning on purchasing 6 or more of my skip counting puzzles, you might as well get the bundle with all 10 — it will be the same price!

Get the whole bundle!

I made some simple color-coded pouches for our sets of skip counting puzzles (red for counting by 1s, green for counting by 2s, pink for counting by 3s, etc) out of construction paper. I’ve seen other people displaying the puzzles in shot glasses, champagne flutes, and handmade felt pouches! You could also use color-coded rubber bands.