Heart Matching/Memory Cards — Free Printable!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Hearts are a fun way to bring the holiday into the classroom, and I love finding new ways to do it. I made these free printable heart matching cards for my own girls to play memory, and I’m adding them to my email subscriber freebies so you can use them as well!

Funny story… I actually wanted to make 20 TOTAL cards, which would be 10 matching pairs, right? My brain got a little mixed up and I accidentally gathered 20 individual heart pictures for a total of 40 cards… So, surprise! 20 matching pairs is kind of a lot, so feel free to only put out some of them instead of starting with the whole 20 pairs — especially if you’re working with younger children. Matching pictures is a great visual discrimination work and pre-reading skill!

My girls (5 and almost 7) are a little old for matching pictures, so I turned ours into a game of Memory for them! I put a pink cardstock backing on the pictures so they couldn’t see through the cards, then set them up in an 8 by 5 grid for the game. They loved it!

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